When Evelyn came back home from a year travel around the world – still used to talk and read English – she noticed Groningen is very focused on the Dutch. There just isn’t a lot of information for the English speaking visitors, locals and tourists. And that’s strange, because we get a lot of international visitors very year and have a great amount of international students. Groningen is a University City. Next to students and tourists, there are also a lot of ex-pats and international tourists visiting our city.

So Evelyn started Inside Groningen; a guide for
international tourists, students, and ex-pats visiting Groningen. In 2019 Groningen got highlighted as best places in Europe alongside the likes of major metropolises like Lisbon, Athens, Salzburg and Dusseldorf. Groningen was voted by CNN as “a winning alternative to Amsterdam”.

What to find on Inside Groningen

Since I travel as a travel blogger myself, on a regular base, I know what I want to know when I’m visiting a city for the first time.

On this website, you’ll find hotspots in Groningen. We’ll give you tips on what to do in Groningen, share comprehensive guides, and more. We also hired locals who write about their own neighbourhood, highlighting the best spots.

Questions? Missing something?

If anything is missing, please let me know. Also if you’d like to write for us, drop us a line via the contact page. You don’t have to be a local, we’d love to hear from ex-pats and students as well!

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