Don’t panic at noon every first Monday of the month

If you’re studying in the Netherlands or you coincidentally visit the Netherlands on the first Monday of the month, you’ll surely hear the siren at 12 p.m. This is the moment you shouldn’t be shocked, because it’s the test of the air-raid siren.

In the Netherlands, so Groningen as well, we test the air-raid sirens once a month, every first Monday at noon. The alarm can be heard for almost 1.5 minutes throughout the Netherlands. We’re doing this to keep the public aware and remind us that in case of emergency, the alarm will go off.

So, if you hear this alarm, don’t panic when it’s the first Monday of the month at noon. BUT, if you’ll hear the alarm at any other moment, don’t panic as well. Go inside, shut all doors and windows and turn on your tv or radio for updates.

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