Fun things to do in Groningen

There’s lot of things to do in Groningen. Whether you’re into shopping or sports. In this post we’ll cover the fun things to do in Groningen. From climbing the biggest artificial wall of the world to stand up paddle the canals.


I you’re looking for a fun experience you can climb the tallets climbing wall in the world, called Excalibur. This wall definetely reminds you of King Arthur’s sword, doesn’t it? You’ll find this wall at Bjoeks Groningen., which is located at Kardinge, where you’ll find a lot more fun things to do in Groningen, by the way.

Stand-up paddle

Nothing beats a good paddle along the canals in Groningen. Paddle between the boat houses and get a glimpse of how they locals live. Around the canals you’ll also get to see a few good bars where you can grab a drink after you burnt those calories. You can rent a board at Teuntje de Slak.

Escape Rooms

1 Step into a new world
2 Get locked in and clued up
3 Beat the clock and break out!

The province of Groningen has a total of 6 escape rooms. There are three in the city of Groningen. We’ve tried the  ‘Escapehunt Groningen‘ at Het Hout, about a 15-minute walk from Groningen Central and had much fun. We recommend you go with at least 3 persons to have more brains. More brains = more changes to not get stuck forever in Groningen 😉

Take bus 74, 178, 171 or Qlink 2 / 5.

Watch the movies in a 3D – Dome

Visit the movies in a dome. Say what? Yes we have the only 3D dome theater in the Netherlands and it’s one of just three 3D dome theaters in the world. They showcast spectacular full-dom shows, live planetarium shows and we have our own homemade full-dome show Space and Sound are shown in the breathtaking cinema. Each one guarantees a unique experience.

The full-dome shows are projected on a huge dome screen by means of 6 projectors and 8 computers. The screen has the shape of a hemisphere and runs around the audience. Everywhere around you, there’s a movie to see. 

Check out the tickets of movies you want to see (there aren’t many but it’s a great experience). 

Dot cinema 3 D Dome
Photo by Dot

Dot dome cinema

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