Good news for mountainbikers: a park might be coming!

So Groningen wants us to move some more. Last Thursday, March 5th, the municipality of Groningen, Bureau Meerstad and a group of mountain bikers issued a declaration of intent for the development of a mountain bike skill park in Meerstad!

And we are excited!

It will become a park with the needed challenges, like height differences, hairpin bends and other obstacles.

The park is part of the development of the area between Driebond and Meerstad. This will eventually become a new residential, work and living area.

But hold your breath just a minute: with the signing of the letter of intent, a period starts in which the feasibility of the mountain bike skill park will be investigated.

If the studies show in the coming months that the mountain bike skill park is feasible, the aim is to open the skill park to the public in the course of 2021.

We’re still holding our breath but are very pleased if the park will come! To Be Continued

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