The city of Groningen is the capital of the Groningen Province, but it’s not all Groningen has to offer. The centre has many districts for you to hang around and if you want to, you can get around the Province and visit cute villages, the island of the Province and much more. Make sure you’ll use the Dutch names of the districts because most Dutch people wouldn’t really know what Sugar District is ;-). City Centre is a word we all understand.

City Centre

In the city center of Groningen, you’ll find lots of great places to spend your time and money. The city center is defined by beautiful canals.

Suikerfabriek terrain

This new neighboorhood doesn’t quite have a name so we love to call it the Suikerfabriek terrein or Suikerwijk (Sugar neighborhood) because of it’s old Sugar Factory. This neighborhood is a bit out of the city center but sure is an upcoming hotspot in Groningen.

Groningen districts: where to do what


Kardinge is the sport and recreation area of Groningen. From swimming to hiking and karting, there’s plenty of activities to do in Kardinge.

Ebbinge Quarter

The Ebbingekwartier or Ebbinge quarter is one of the newest districts of Groningen. With a cinema, city beach and lots of newly build apartments it’s the place to be!


Paddepoel might not be as famous for tourists, but I bet you’ll hear of this district when you’re a University or Hanzehogeschool student.


The Schildersbuurt or in English: painter’s district, is a neighborhood, just outside the fortress ramparts of the centre. The main road is the Kraneweg, but it looks nothing like the cute streets surrounding Kraneweg. From Schildersbuurt you can easily walk to the famous park Noorderplantsoen and you’re close to some eateries and shops like Primark, the Nike Store, and MacDonalds.

Our favorite place to have dinner in Schilderswijk is Pernikkel. The menu changes and they have some recipes like the vega burgers which I absolutely love!


The Noorderplantsoen or Orange district is what some might call the best district of the city of Groningen. So it’s no surprise the editors of Inside Groningen live here.

The main attraction is Noorderplantsoen, a park where you’ll see lots of people hang in the summer and where our famous yearly Noorderzon festival takes place.

The Orange district or Oranjebuurt is a neighborhood in Groningen located between the Noorderplantsoen, the Reitdiep and the railway line of Groningen. Sometimes the Noorderplantsoen district is counted among the Oranjewijk so we just shared the name.


Reitdiephaven is a new neighboorhood close to the Zernike area, where you’ll find the University of Groningen. In Reitdiephaven you’ll find the Reitdiephaven, an artificial harbor carrying the same name which is actually one of the most Instagrammed spots of The Netherlands because of the colored houses.

There’s not much to do in this area but it’s great to live here. Our favorite spots in Reitdiephaven might be Hao2go, where you can get great Vietnamese bao’s (they don’t deliver, unfortunately). 


The Rivierenbuurt is the area behind the central station. There’s a lot of student living in this area and although it might look there’s nothing to do, there’s a few nice cafes to check out!


In the south of Groningen, you will find the lovely Helpman. Lots of green areas to walk and great shopping in case you find the city to busy. A large Albert Heijn where you can buy fresh sushi. Yumyum!