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Helpman feels like a small village in a big town. With the Helperplein with lots of shops, you don’t need to go to the city centre.

Favourite restaurants in Helpman


In 1971 Nino Contini opens the first pizzeria in the north of Holland.

Bistro Basta

They use local products. I love their interior, it feels like a big living room with second-hand stuff. Nice menu, not the typical stuff.

Shop tips in Helpman


Do you love some good baklava? Or puffed pastries? Or do you like olives, they have it all! This is your favourite new shop. With lots of sweets and tapas.

Albert Heijn

This is one of the largest grocery store of Albert Heijn in the district of Helpman. They also have a freshly made sushi bar. We love sushi! Don’t forget to get a bonus card! Then you get a discount.

Swimming in Helpman

Open-air swimming pool Papiermolen

This open-air swimming pool Papiermolen only opens in April till Augustus. You can swim laps or get some tan in de sun.

Helper swimming pool

Swimming in an old building. Very pretty! On Thursday and Friday, the water is hot, about 32 degrees. So no complaints about the water is too cold then!