First time in Groningen? These are Groningen’s must sees

There’s always that first time in a city. And there’s a few things you’d want to explore that define the city you’re visiting. But most of the time, those are the touristy things to do. Luckily, Groningen isn’t a city that attract a lot of tourist (and it’s a shame). So what are Groningen’s must see things to do?

Stroll around the Prinsenhof Gardens Groningen

Prinsenhof used to be only for brothers and princes, now it’s open for all Groningen residents and visitors to the city.

During the Middle Ages, the Prinsenhof was owned by the Broeders des Gemeenen Levens, a religious group. The Prinsentuin (also known as the Prinsenhof Garden) is a Renaissance garden in the center of Groningen behind the Prinsenhof. The garden was laid out in 1626 by order of CitykeeperWillem Frederik and his wife Albertine Agnes. The neighboring Prinsenhof had since 1594 become the local residence of the Princes of Nassau. The Prinsenhof is now a hotel, grand café and restaurant, where everyone is welcome and to feel at home.

Climb the Martinitower

The Martinitower is the face of Groningen (and our logo). During the wars, the tower nearly collapsed, but today, it’s still standing strong. The tower is 97 metres hight and the highest building of the city. Fun thing to do? Climb the 250 + stept of the tower for an amazing panoramic view of the city.

Photo via Visit Groningen

Visit the many ‘hofjes’ (Almshouse courtyards)

Where the poor, the sick and the widows used to live for free, nowadays you can find every kind of person living in these cute little courtyard almshouses (in Dutch: hofjes). Most of these courtyards are hidden in the center and you’ll immediately experience an oasis of quietness. Some of the courtyards are open to the public so be free to explore ’em.

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