Inside Oat, our newest oat bar

Jssalon Bij de Sluis has been closed during the winter months in recent years: ice cream doesn’t sell that well, as you might know. But owner Hans Letens had found the perfect solution: from the end of October 2019 the small building on the corner of the Eeldersingel changes into an oatmeal bar.

“I am going to sell oatmeal bowls and many more tasty and healthy products,”


Letens says. That means: bowls of hot or cold oatmeal, made with vegetable milk and served with extras such as fresh fruit, nuts and homemade granola. You can also grab coffee, tea and banana bread.

Bij de Sluis is not the first to look for another concept during the winter: for example, Gino’s ice salon at the Zuiderdiep, has been a stew saloon (stampot in Dutch) in every autumn for a few years.

The oatmeal bar will focus on organic and sustainable, says Letens. For example, the containers in which oatmeal is served are made of biodegradable materials. The people who think it will soon be too cold to leave the house are also thought of: from November you can have the bowls delivered to your home.

Check out Bij De Sluis for more information about this place

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