You can get to Groningen by air, train, and bus. You could fly from different locations to Groningen, but Amsterdam Groningen isn’t a typical, cheap option. It’s better to take the bus or train.

How to get to Groningen from Amsterdam

If you’re flying to Amsterdam, it’s fairly easy to plan your trip to Groningen. The Groningen distance from Amsterdam is about 183 kilometers (about 113 miles.)

Taking the bus from Amsterdam to Groningen

The bus is your cheapest option (single ticket for around 7 euro). It’s advisable to book these tickets in advance (at least a day or 2 before)

NS Train

The train from Amsterdam to Groningen (NS)

The fastest way from Amsterdam (or Schiphol) to Groningen is by taking the train (which you don’t need to reserve in advance). The average journey time by train between Groningen and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (or Amsterdam city centre) is 2 hours and 16 minutes. There are about 37 trains per day going from Amsterdam to Groningen. Taking the train from Amsterdam costs about 24 euros and can be booked in advance or at Schiphol or any station in Groningen.

The Schiphol train timetables can be found at the NS Planner, which is the official train website.

A handy website to plan your visit is (also in English). You can check out the train schedule and book a ticket online.

Get to Groningen by bus

Another way is to take the Flix bus. This is the cheapest option for you to get to Groningen from Schiphol or Amsterdam by public transport. I’d recommend booking a ticket online because the bus could be full.

Both options take about 2 hours.

Most of the time you’ll arrive at Groningen Central Station, the most beautiful station of the Netherlands (2019). We have another station, which you can reach by taking another train.

How to plan public transport in Groningen

Although we don’t have the subway or trams, we do have a bus. And if you’re confident on a bike, that’s the way to get around in our town.

Taking the bus in Groningen

If you want to know how to get from the central station to another district, you should use the website It’s the go-to website for planning your trip. Luckily it’s in English!

How to pay for a bus ticket in Groningen

In Groningen and Drenthe (another province next to Groningen), you can buy a paper ticket on the bus. There are different types of tickets, which you can buy from the bus driver.

The bus driver can give you advice on which ticket you need. You can only pay with a credit or debit card in the following buses: Q-link 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 in Groningen, city bus 1, 2, 3, 4 and Q-link 12 in Emmen.

In all other buses, you can only pay by cash, preferably the exact amount. The bus driver does not accept 20, 50 and 100 euro banknotes or notes in larger denominations. More information on the official bus website.

Make sure you have a valid card with you because most of the time you can’t buy a ticket with cash-only on the bus.

Everything in Groningen isn’t too far. Meaning you can walk or rent a bike. If you want to do and see a lot or are looking to get a bit further like the outer districts, the public bus is your best bet.

Parking in Groningen

Arriving by car? Not a problem. Parking is free at our P+R (Park & Ride) spots. From there on, you can take the bus which costs you € 6.00 for a return P + R city center (maximum 5 people).

There are five P+R spots

  1. P+R Kardinge, Kardingerplein 1, 880 parking spots
  2. P+R Hoogkerk, Peizerweg, 9744 Groningen (navigate to: Hoogkerkerplein), 1000 parking spots
  3. P+R Haren/A28, Emmalaan 35, 900 parking spots
  4. P+R Reitdiep, Professor Uilkensweg, hoek Friesestraatweg, 300 parking spots
  5. P+R Meerstad, Driebondsweg, 400 parking spots
Groningen Airport


You can fly to Groningen, although there aren’t many destinations to fly from. If you need to get to the airport, there’s a fast connection to Groningen Airport Eelde, check out the Airport Bus schedule from Monday to Friday. And the airport bus schedule for weekends.