These cafes in Groningen made it into the top 100 of best pubs!

They might not win the number one position of best pub in the Netherlands, but still, they made it to the top 100 of the best cafes/pubs. And that must mean something, right?

Compliments went out to these four pubs in Groningen.

De Oude Wacht

The Oude Wacht (Old Guard) made it to the 22nd place and scored the highest in Groningen.The previous owners ran the café for fifty years, from 1955 to 2005. Back then it was called Tavern De Oude Wacht. The cafe still looks the same as before with some modern adaptions. They are a simple, authentic brown café, with a lot of attention for beer and wine.

De Pintelier

Pintelier is a Belgian Café and Tasting Room. They are a household name in the world of beer world for years and they try to always serve something from tap or bottle from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

De Koffer

Bierlokaal Café de Koffer (in English: suitcase)is a cosy beer café where you will quickly feel at home. They have a varied audience, including loyal regulars, (international) students, local residents and beer lovers.

Since 2010, Café de Koffer has been a proud member of the BierTapperijen Alliance. The ABT is an association of specialized cafés in the field of speciality beer.

De Toeter (the horn)

De Toeter (In English: the horn) has been around since 1987 and the idea by the third owners was to turn the dart café into a Whisk (e) y and beer café. Nowadays te pub quiz plays an important role and over the years, their range has been expanded to 19 faucets, 350 single malt whiskeys and a weekly pub quiz on Wednesday and Sunday. Since 2008 they have been a fixed value in the top 100 café every year. In 2010 they were named the best single malt catering facility in the Netherlands.

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